The hidden benefits of the 10,000 step rule

With the rise of high tech pedometers such as Fitbit and Apple Watch the 10,000 step rule has almost become common knowledge. The theory is that humans need to walk 10,000 steps per day in order to maintain a base level of health. This has revolutionized the fitness industry as people are now more aware that being sedentary for 95% of the day and then hitting the gym for an hour is simply not good enough.

My argument is that this revolution is highly beneficial to the environment as well. Walking 10,000 steps equates to roughly eight kilometers (five miles) which is a huge amount! With more and more people getting on board the walking bus less are using cars to run simple errands or for getting to work. The mindset changes from ‘the train station is three kilometers up the road – I’ll have to drive, to, the train station is only three kilometers up the road – if I walk there and back I won’t need to go to the gym later.” The importance of this shift in mindset is hugely beneficial for millennials. Why are we constantly battling congested roads yet forgetting that both walking and public transport are two highly viable options? For the average person an eight kilometer walk might strip an hour and a half off your day, but it does not have to be strenuous. Put next to the gym which requires factoring in driving time there and back, the number of minutes you spend there, plus the shower and admin after, I would say your 10,000 steps shapes up as a pretty solid alternative for the busy yopro.


Walking is also cheap. Other than the cost of the pedometer which are built into most smart phones these days. However they don’t come with all the specs smart watches provide, including measuring other fitness like swimming, gym, stair climb, running, etc and they can give you personal training. They can look very snazzy as an accessory but they aren’t the cheapest. I have placed links below to both fitbits and basic pedometers which I have used and can highly recommend.



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