The first ‘carbon neutral’ stepping stone

Welcome to Envix, a blog which aims to guide young people through green business and sustainable urban lifestyle via a photo based content series. There is no doubt that the aesthetic of a blog is what keeps people compelled, and I am of no illusion that I am a man-booker worthy writer. I believe the most effective way to communicate my ideas is via short and pertinent content linked with compelling imagery, however for those interested in reading more I will place links to where my ideas were founded and researched.

The first ‘carbon neutral’ stepping stone starts here. I had recently returned from my OE (which is of grave importance when you come from a small country such as New Zealand) and was running through job applications when I managed to land an interview at a global planning enterprise. Naturally ecstatic, I answered all questions as best I could until the interviewer asked “what have you been doing in the last six months” and I responded “I have been travelling on an OE” and to my dismay she said “oh, so nothing.”

I realized there was a depth of truth to her comment. Having a degree in Environmental Science and Finance means there is a lot I know about both sustainability and business which are two hot topics in the 21st century. I decided to put on hold my corporate job hunting (for now) while I aim to plant the seed in a blog readable to busy millennials for better sustainable business and urban lifestyles. I do not believe in a trade off between comfort and sustainability. It should not be expensive or any less convenient to save the natural world than it is to destroy it. My aim is to prove that to you. Let the stepping begin!

Developing The Pearl in Doha. Qatar placing its stepping stones to create a built island chain of sustainability networks.

The best way to predict your future is to create it – Abraham Lincoln


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